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Laundry Attendant - Stars Laundromat

Position Summary

Laundromat attendant will be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the store and dealing with customers.


Position Responsibilities

• Greet all customers that enter the store

• Responsible for the overall cleanliness of the store

• Wash and fold clothes for the Wash N' Fold service.

• Mop & sweeping floors

• Empty and take out trash

• Clean glass throughout the store

• Wipe down laundry machines

• Cleaning dryer lint trays

• Clean soap containers on washing machines

• Teach customers how to load money onto their card and use the machines

• Handle any customer complaints

• Report any and all issues to the Laundromat Manager/Owner

• Clean bathrooms 


Qualification requirements

• Cheerful, service-oriented, and energetic personality

• Must be able to communicate with customers fluently in English and Spanish 

• Experience in customer service

• Must be reliable a person and get to work on time 

• No minimum education requirement



1) How do you feel about keeping the store and bathrooms clean?

2) How do you feel about customer service?

3) Do you speak English and Spanish fluently?

4) What days/times are you available during the week?

5) If hired, how soon would you be available to start?

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